Item No. 115

Automatic Pail Filling System

Product Description

The application for this automatic pail filler was to fill open-top, five gallon pails with a viscous liquid in a production run operation. The pail filler is a model APF-510, programmed to operate in automatic mode. Empty pails accumulate to an escapement device and are released when the pail filler discharges a full load. The powered conveyor after the filler is for manually, or automatically, placing lids onto filled pails before they run through the on-the-fly lid press. In this application, the fill rate is only three pails per minute, because of the slow moving, viscous liquid.

An air operated, metal lid crimping device is hanging from a monorail to secure the lids onto occasional metal pails. The hanging clamp assembly is a proprietary device with a cable reel and coiled air line. The monorail allows all pails to continue moving during the securing of the metal lid, or placement of the plastic lids.

The on-the-fly lid press at the end of the line kneads the plastic lid onto the pails as they convey through the tunnel. A level powered roller conveyor below and angled powered roller conveyor above create the lid seal. The tunnel height is adjustable for 4 to 7 gallon containers.

A sample concept drawing of a straight-line pail filling system is shown below.

Description of Operation

  • This filler is used in a production run operation
  • The filler is a model APF-510, both a top-fill and a sub-surface machine
  • The infeed is a powered belt conveyor
  • A pair of alternating air cylinders are used to automatically escape pails
  • The filler is automatically activated when a container arrives
  • The scale has a belt conveyor mounted on it
  • The lance travels to the bottom of the container
  • The controller will automatically zero the tare weight before the fill cycle begins
  • The lance retracts automatically ending the fill cycle
  • Each pail conveys out of the filler station automatically
  • A powered lid placing conveyor allows time for lids to be placed onto each pail
  • An automatic lid press seals a lid onto each plastic pail
  • The special metal lid crimping tool is mounted on an overhead rail for the operator

Product Specifications

  • The filler is a model APF-510, both top & sub-surface filler
  • Lance and all other wetted parts are 316 stainless steel
  • Two full-port ball valves to control product hammering
  • Infeed accumulation and lid conveyors are powered
  • The scale conveyor is also powered
  • Platform type scale is 200 lb capacity
  • Controller is an Allen Bradley PLC with 250 products menu
  • Touch screen is an Allen Bradley color PanelView
  • NTEP approved scale and weight meter
  • NEMA 4 standard enclosure, others optional
  • RS-232 port for optional data acquisition and printer connection
  • Operator troubleshooting interface with prompts
  • Filler won’t start without container present
  • Twin air cylinders provide for infeed pail escapement
  • Gravity conveyor is used for the discharge accumulation
  • Conveyors and the on-the-fly-lid press are optional
  • Rugged, welded structural steel, stanchion & conveyors
  • Fill rate for a 5 gallon pail of water is 4 pails per minute at 80 gallons per minute product flow

Product Accessories

  • Additional conveyors
  • Spare lance assembly
  • Kynar lance for corrosives
  • Sampling valve
  • Lance rack
  • Type X or Z purge
  • Nitrogen purging system
  • Lance flush adapter

Additional Equipment Available

  • Triple or four-lance pail fillers
  • Automatic drum & pail fillers
  • Quad filling machines
  • Stainless steel drum & pail fillers
  • Stainless steel conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors & transfers
  • Roller, chain & belt conveyors
  • Pallet dispensers & collectors
  • Custom handling equipment

Concept Drawing