Item No. 704

Automatic Drum Filler

Product Description

This is another custom-made, dry solids filling system, designed to fill 30 gallon poly drums with a volatile product. The toxic and flammable powder is filled in a highly classified area. The product is pre-weighed in a hopper above the filling station. The system includes a shuttling robotic device to remove and replace the lid of each drum. A unique dust collection system is also provided.

This one-of-a-kind system will automatically fill ten to twenty drums per hour while drawing toxic fumes from the operation. It can fill at faster rates, but was not necessary for this customer. This entire system is shown unguarded because it was installed in a classified room, so only the conveyors extend out.

Custom or standard machines, Specialty Equipment manufactures fillers and conveyors with structural steel stanchions, frames and supports welded together, making each unit a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Description of Operation

  • The open-mouth drum advances into the lid removal station on the right.
  • A robot arm with suction cups lowers and removes the lid then raises and holds it until called.
  • The drum is then shunted left, to the filling station.
  • The filler spout lowers into the drum and inflates a rubber doughnut to seal the opening.
  • The material is pre-weighed above and released upon command.
  • The dust collector runs simultaneously with the filling operation.
  • When filled, the robot arm with the lid, shuttles to the drum
  • The lid is automatically lowered and placed onto the drum
  • The robot device retracts to the home position awaiting a new drum
  • The full container conveys out automatically with the lid on top

Product Specifications

  • This machine is an air-over-electric operation in a classified area.
  • The infeed conveyor is belt driven live roller
  • The accepting conveyor at the lid station is chain driven live roller
  • The robot arm above the lid station uses an air cylinder to raise & lower
  • The lid removal uses four vacuum cups to hold a lid in place
  • A rod-less air cylinder is used to push the empty drum to the fill ststion
  • An air cylinder lowers the filler spout into the open drum
  • A rubber bladder inflates inside the drum to seal it
  • An air operated butterfly valve opens to start the fill cycle
  • When the lid is replaced, an air cylinder pushes the drum out
  • A belt driven live roller conveyor transports and accumulates the filled drums