Item No. 601

Drum Palletizer

Product Description

This is a standard, fully automatic, air-over-electric drum palletizer, designed to handle a variety of containers at a rate of 240 drums per hour. It has a reputation as being the most ruggedly built, gentle drum palletizer in the industry. The system is actually a pick-and-place robot, because it gently clamps a pair of drums below and above then carries them to a pallet position and gently places them down. It will create a three, four, or a five drum pattern onto a pallet, or other platform provided. A special clamp mechanism is used to prevent any distortion of fiber and plastic containers. This rugged drum palletizer system will handle steel, poly, or fiber drums all day, every day.

The entire system consists of six devices; (1) the infeed powered roller conveyor, (2) an automatic pallet dispenser, (3) an overhead air operated shuttle carriage, (4) two pair of air operated drum clamping devices, (5) a set of steel fingers under each drum, and (6) the discharge powered roller conveyor for the full pallet. This system is designed to operate seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day.

Description of Operation

  • An empty pallet is discharged from the automatic dispenser onto the loading zone
  • Drums are automatically conveyed into the palletizer to a pick up position
  • An air operated drum escapement device releases two drums and hold back the rest
  • A special carriage with lifting fingers moves into a position placing a set of fingers under each drum
  • Air-operated clamps are lowered to grip the tops of each drum signaling the carriage to start.
  • The drums are then lifted up enough to clear the conveyor and pallet
  • The carriage carries the pair of drums over to the waiting pallet position.
  • At the arrival point, the carriage lowers and releases the drums.
  • The carriage then raises back up and retracts to its home position.
  • Another set of drums is then automatically conveyed into the pick-up position.
  • When the pallet is loaded and released, another pallet is dispensed to the loading position
  • The loading rate is four 55 gallon drums per minute

Product Specifications

    • This machine is an electro/pneumatic operation
    • An automatic pallet dispenser is included
    • Air bags are used for all short-stroke devices
    • Air operated carriage, lifted and lowered by air cylinders
    • Carriage is driven by forward/reverse gear motor
    • Carriage has a chain drive with an encoder
    • Allen Bradley PLC controller in NEMA 12 panel
    • Automatic air loss stop and ball valve shut off
    • Expanded metal guarding meets safety requirements
    • A 5′ powered roller conveyor for incoming drums
    • A 5′ powered roller conveyor for outgoing pallets
    • Fully welded, heavy duty steel construction
    • Frame has 4″ square steel uprights and cross bracing.
    • Overall dimensions, approx. 17′ long x 14′ wide x 8′ tall.
    • The machine is completely assembled and tested

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