Item No. 110

Automatic Drum Orienting Filler

Product Description

This machine is designed to fill containers without an operator present at the filling station. The system shown is a model ADO-5510, made for filling 15 to 55 gallon tight-head drums. A bung is resting on top of each drum. It is both a top-fill and a sub-surface filling machine. This filler is best applied when an operator is not wanted at the filling station for a variety of reasons, including safety and exposure to fumes. Five components make up the system; (1) an empty drum pusher device, (2) an automatic drum rotator, (3) an up/down tapered plug to lock-in the bung opening, (4) an automatic single drum filler, and (5) a twin strand chain conveyor. The ADO-5510 system requires bungs to be removed from empty drums before they enter the rotator station.

The system starts by indexing a container to the rotator station where the drum is lifted by skewed rollers. A pneumatic tire and a cradle of wheels capture and center the drum before rotation. A two strand chain conveyor transports the drum to and from the filling station. A scale platform rises and signals the start of the filling cycle. When filled, the drum is lowered and conveyed on the chains to a bung and capping station where it stops automatically. The bung station can be built further away from the filler, if necessary. The wig-wag diverter and two lanes of gravity roller accumulation conveyor after the bung station are optional equipment.

A sample concept drawing of an ADO-5510 straight-line filling system is shown below.

Specialty Equipment manufactures fillers and conveyors with structural steel stanchions, frames and supports welded together, making each section a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Description of Operation

  • The operational sequence applies to equipment up to and including the filler machine.
  • Optional accumulation conveyor for empty drums is highly recommended to justify the automatic filler.
  • Likewise, accumulation of full drums is also highly recommended, for the same reason
  • The filler is a model ADO-5510, automatic drum orienting filler
  • An air operated pusher device moves each container into the rotator station
  • A group of skewed rollers lifts the drum off the infeed chain conveyor.
  • A tire on one side and a cradle of wheels on the other, center and capture the drum
  • The drum is then rotated automatically, in search of the bung opening
  • When found, a tapered plug lowers and locks the drum into position
  • The drum is lowered onto the chain conveyor then conveyed to the filler station
  • The scale raises the container off the chains and signals to start the fill cycle.
  • The controller will automatically zero the tare weight before the filling starts
  • The filler can operate in three speed, slow/fast/shot, if needed
  • If filling a foaming product, the system starts in slow mode
  • When liquid reaches the tip of the lance, it shifts into fast mode.
  • Near the top, the system shifts again to shot mode, to the top of the container
  • The lance retracts automatically ending the fill cycle
  • The scale lowers the container onto the twin strand chain conveyor
  • The chain conveyor transports the load to the bung and capping station
  • The next empty drum, waiting at the rotator station, automatically advances to the filler.
  • Fills a 55 gallon drum with water in 45 seconds at 80 gallons per minute input

Product Specifications

  • This filler is a model ADO-5510 and will fill drums automatically
  • It is both a subsurface and a top-filling machine
  • Lance and all other wetted parts are 316 stainless steel
  • Two infeed full-port ball valves prevent product hammering
  • Air cylinder raises & lowers the lance carriage
  • Scale is 1,000 lb capacity platform type
  • Scale is mounted on an air operated lift/lower mechanism
  • Air operated drip pan and UHMW wiper ring
  • Controller is an Allen Bradley PLC with 250 product menu
  • Touch screen is an Allen Bradley color PanelView
  • RS-232 port for optional data acquisition and printer connection
  • NTEP approved weight meter and load cells
  • NEMA 4 standard enclosure, others optional
  • Filler has three filling speeds; slow/fast/shot, if needed
  • Automatic zero tare weight before filling starts
  • Operator troubleshooting interface with prompts
  • Filler won’t start without container present
  • An 8′ long two-strand chain conveyor transport containers
  • Automatic abort if lance is not aligned with bung opening
  • Rugged, all-welded stanchion and lance carriage
  • Fills a 55 gal drum in 45 seconds with water at 80 gallons per minute product flow input

Product Accessories

  • Additional conveyors
  • Spare lance assembly
  • Lance rack
  • Lance flush adapter
  • Kynar lance for corrosives
  • Sanitary lance assembly
  • Sampling valve
  • Type X or Z purge
  • NEMA 7 or 4X enclosures
  • Nitrogen purging system
  • Custom color and finishes

Additional Equipment Available

  • Automatic pail filling systems
  • Palletized drum & tote fillers
  • Quad filling machines
  • Stainless steel fillers
  • Stainless steel conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors & transfers
  • Roller, chain & belt conveyors
  • Pallet dispensers & collectors
  • Custom handling equipment

Concept Drawing