Item No. 201

Air Operated Lid Press

Product Description

This is a handy item to assure your operators are safe when putting lids onto pails. It also speeds up the process and prevents damage to pails and lids. The item shown above is a semi-automatic, air operated lid press, model ALP-500, adjustable for 3 to 7 gallon pails. It is usually mounted onto a conveyor frame, but can be built as a stand alone, floor mounted machine. The conveyor at the lid press station can be powered, gravity roller, or belt conveyor. The conveyor is not included with this item.

An operator simply places a plastic lid onto a filled pail then pushes two buttons, (a safety regulation) to activate an air cylinder with a round platen to lower and press the lid down. The amount of pressure applied is regulated and can be adjusted by the operator. The platen will lower and seal the lid to a preset pressure then it will retract.

Description of Operation

  • The operator will pull a pail, or it will be conveyed to the lid station
  • The operator will place a plastic lid onto the pail
  • The operator must press the left hand and the right hand buttons
  • When both buttons are pressed, the platen will lower to the pail
  • The amount of air pressure is determined by the container size and lid type
  • The air cylinder will apply the necessary pressure to seal the lid to the pail
  • When the pressure is reached, the platen will automatically retract
  • The pail is then discharged by the operator

Product Specifications

  • This is an air operated machine
  • Can be retrofitted, bolt or weld to a conveyor
  • It uses an 8″ air cylinder with an 8″ stroke
  • An air pressure gauge is included
  • Two push button stations are mounted
  • All OSHA compliant safety included
  • The platen is a steel plate made to suit
  • Structural steel, welded stanchion
  • Requires a 30 psi air connection
  • Normal cycle rate is 4 pails per minute

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