Newsletter – DF-5540, U-Line

A worldwide manufacturer of industrial cleaning products decided to take a look at Specialty Equipment’s drum and IBC filling machines. It seems the customer had enough high maintenance and filler down time after repeatedly buying from the lowest bidder. With their massive expansion plans, they realized it was time to step-up in quality.

Several executives flew to Houston to look over the Specialty Equipment plant and meet the people that design and build the high quality, rugged filling machines and conveyors. The corporate execs also toured several user sites to see first-hand why Specialty Equipment systems were worth more than others.

After satisfying the customer’s curiosity, Specialty Equipment provided several layouts and budget proposals. When the time was right, the firm bid package included two separate drum and IBC filling systems.

The first system, a U-Line configuration, was capable of filling 15 to 55 gallon drums, plus 275 to 550 gallon IBC containers. The loads included four, five and six drum pallet loads, or a single IBC. The twin lance system included a Kynar lance for acids and a stainless lance for standard chemicals, both with sampling valves. The conveyors were zones of powered chains and jump roller transfers. A bung and capping station was also built with a diamond tread, operator walkover section.

The system was purchased with a critical delivery of eight weeks. The proposed system had a twelve week delivery. It was a test. Specialty took the order anyway, since the customer promised to work closely with them on the drawing approval and progressive payment terms.

Eight weeks later the customer arrived at Specialty’s plant to view a test of the system. Completely satisfied, the customer placed a purchase order for a Straight-Line configuration. The second twin lance system began with an automatic pallet dispenser and included nine zones of chain conveyors, fork truck stops to load totes, a fiberglass platform, and two crossover sections, all manufactured by Specialty Equipment in Houston, Texas.

After viewing the second test, they followed with a third purchase order and a commitment for four more systems later that year. Other systems included L-line configurations and another U-line system. Each was different in details, but all included a twin lance, semi-automatic drum and IBC filler in the center.

All the equipment described was built and tested at the Specialty Equipment plant in Houston, Texas. If the customer was not available to witness the test, Specialty Equipment provided a certified video of the testing process.