Sealants & Adhesives

We’ve been providing liquid filling equipment to the sealant and adhesive industry since the 1990’s. In particular, filling machines for the hot melt, waterborne and cyanoacrylates industry, filling organic and inorganic compounds like; acrylic, polyurethane, silicone, butyl, epoxy and hardeners. We also provide systems to companies filling drums, pails and totes with thinners and foam bonders. If it’s a viscous, flammable, toxic, corrosive, or foaming liquid, we can handle it, and we provide more drum filling, conveying and palletizing systems than anyone in North America.

Drum & Tall tote Filler


This IBC and drum filling application is designed for filling flammable and foaming chemicals in a batch operation. The electrical panel is rated for class 1, division 1. The extra tall filling machine is made for the lance to lower within 1/2” of the bottom of each container to minimize foaming and to speed up the filling cycle. Containers to be filled range in size from 55 gallon drums up to 550 gallon IBC’s. A hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the inner mast which carries the boom and lance carriage, to accommodate 20” to 82” overall height containers. In this application, the horizontal boom has been raised to fill the 81” tall tote. The system contains a 10,000lb capacity platform type scale. A retractable Teflon bellows lowers over the bung opening of each container to capture 99% of the fumes during the filling cycle.

Most Popular Drum & TOTE Filler


This is a model DF-5540, a standard drum and IBC filling system, the most common drum filler used in North America. In this production application, the customer is filling a sealant product into drums and IBC’s. The system holds seven pallet loads, three prior to the filler and three after the filler. The scale and bung station conveyors are powered. The infeed and discharge conveyors are gravity. The fifteen foot long platform allows the operator to remove bungs from the infeed and replace bungs at the discharge conveyors.

Standard Pail Filler


An epoxy bonding material is being filled into jerry cans with this common pail filling application. It is a semi-automatic, sub-surface, unclassified, pail filling machine. Since it is a sub-surface filler, it can be used to fill from one to seven gallon pails. All the conveyors are gravity with close roller centers to handle one gallon smooth bottom containers.

Low Profile Drum Filler

This custom-made application is for filling hot adhesive liquids into 55 gallon drums mounted on pallets. It is a palletized drum filler, stand alone, modified model DF-5540, with a 4’ x 7” long, floor mounted platform scale. The application will allow for a pallet jack to load and unload the scale with the use of a steel ramp, built by the customer. This machine has a modified handle, turned down to accommodate the filling operator.

Drum Filler with Pallet Dispenser

This application is for filling polyurethane product into 30 to 55 gallon drums mounted on pallets. It is a production run filler, designed to operate seven days a week. It is a sub-surface filler to allow the lance to run to the bottom of every container, regardless of it’s size. The automatic pallet dispenser will send an empty pallet out from the bottom of the magazine every time a signal is given by the computer, after a filled load has been discharged from the filling station. The empty drums are manually loaded onto the waiting pallet. Individual pallet zones can be added to allow for as many loads in accumulation prior to the filler, as desired.

Portable Drum Filler


This is special single drum filler designed specifically for filling small batches of sealant material into 55 gallon drums. It can be moved from station to station by a fork truck. It is a top-fill machine for only 55 gallon drums. The operator loads the platform scale with an empty drum then aligns it to the lance then presses a start button. The tare and filling is then automatic. Near the end of the filling cycle, the machine will shift to slow speed to prevent splash back. This is another filler with no options or accessories, designed for low volume filling operations.