We’ve been providing liquid filling equipment to the coatings industry for decades. In particular, our Liquid fillers are used in the paint, ink and varnish industry, and for filling water and solvent based coatings. We also provide liquid filling systems to companies that fill containers with dyes, toners, thinners, waxes, as well as accelerators, densifiers, inhibitors, and sealers. If the liquid is flammable, toxic, corrosive, or foaming, we can fill it into any container from 12″ to 72″ tall and we can design and build the conveyors to suit any plant layout.

Automatic Quad Drum Filler


A major manufacturer of liquid coatings purchased this quad filling system to fill a highly viscous, hot liquid wax-like product into open-mouth steel and fiber drums. The quad filler is ideally suited for slow-filling operations with viscous liquids, because the filling of four drums is automatic, leaving the operator ample time to perform other functions. This filler is unique because it has electric, heat-jacketed, valves, lances and infeed manifold. The sticky liquid is heated to 350 degrees, allowing it to flow freely to the filling station. A photo eye on the filler scale conveyor recognizes the arrival of the pallet at the fill station and automatically starts the filling cycle. Each of the four drums is filled sequentially and automatically then discharged onto an accumulation line.

Drum Filling & Cooling Booths


This 316 stainless filler in a fume booth is for filling viscous, sticky, 300 degree liquid coating into steel drums. The operator is at the filling station using thermal gloves to place a bung onto the filled drum. The interlocking, sliding door is open for the purpose of viewing. The station to the right of the filler is a cooling booth, separated by a pneumatic sliding door. Additional features of this filling system include; an electric heat jacketed lance, a slide-out overflow pan under the filling station, three air-operated sliding doors, powered conveyors inside, two sets of thermal operator gloves and five Lexan windows.

Portable Fume Booth Drum Filler


The customer will fill toners and dyes into drums with this special drum filling system. A fork truck will pick this system up and relocate it to other filling locations. Adjustable feet will level the machine at each filling station. The drum filling machine is a semi-automatic, sub-surface type. The fume booth is stainless steel with Plexiglas windows at the back, above the drum and in front of the operator. The operator has a two-hole glove box with long-reach thermal gloves. An interlocking pneumatic sliding door seals the booth. The type X purge on the control panel is for a class 1, division 1 electrical area. Two reversing powered conveyors drive the drum in and out.

Small Space Drum Filler

This is a standard, palletized drum filling machine filling thinners into 55 gallon drums. This customer had limited floor space, but did not want to load and unload an unprotected filler scale. After the fork truck backs away from dropping off a pallet of empty drums, the operator presses a button on the handle of the filler to convey the load into the filling station. When all four drums are filled, the operator presses the button to reverse both conveyors. The drop-off point then becomes the pick-up point as well. The liquid is a flammable coating. This is a batch filling operation. With the platform, this system fits within a 10’ x 10’ area.

Automatic Pail Filling & Lid Press


A slurry coating liquid is filled into pails in this application. This is an automatic, sub-surface, 5 gallon pail filling system. Two air cylinders sequence an escapement for empty pails on the infeed line. A pop-up stop locates the empty pail at the filling station. The computer automatically tares and fills each pail. The operator only places lids onto filled pails. This filling equipment has an optional, metal lid-crimping tool. Pails with lids on top enter the on-the-fly lid press where lids are automatically pressed on in transit as they convey through the tunnel.

Automatic Twin Pail Filling

Solvent based coatings are filled into pails with this filling system. This is an automatic, two-head, 5 gallon pail filling system. Two pails are conveyed into position then a signal is sent to start the filling cycles. Each filling station has its own scale and weight meter. When completed, the pails are discharged to the lid press stations where an operator sets two lids onto the filled pails. Pails are filling at a rate of 6 per minute.

Custom-Made, Hooded Drum Filler

A hot, viscous and toxic coating will be filled into drums at this filling station. This custom-made, semi-automatic, 55 gallon drum filler is a top-fill machine that uses a 4” infeed ball valve and lance. A drum hood is lowered with the lance for operator protection. It has a port for attaching an exhauster to draw off fumes. For safety reasons, two buttons are pressed to start the cycle. This is a stripped-down filler, used in a small batch operation.

Bung & Capping While Filling


This filler is designed for slow filling 55 gallon drums with a pigment. It is a semi-automatic filling machine with a sub-surface lance. All pneumatic bung and capping tools with cable lines are mounted on a swivel beam. The operator removes bungs from the empties, replaces bungs and places labels onto filled drums during the slow filling operation.

Custom-Made, Box Filler

A sticky residue product is filled with this unique box filling system. Here is another custom made filling machine for hot, sticky, viscous liquids. Each box has a liner as it enters the filling booth, recognized by a light curtain. The 4” diameter lance and valve are thermal jacketed to constantly heat the viscous product, allowing it to flow at 275 degrees. The operator stands outside the protective splash booth while a light tree monitors the boxes conveying in and out. A special lance was made with an “air knife” that shoots a blast of compressed air to blow away any residue, or streamers, from the end of the lance as it is sealed.

Portable Pail Filler & Lid Press


A thin coating material is filled with this unique pail filling system. When necessary, a fork truck will pick this pail filling system up and relocate it to another filling area. Adjustable feet are for leveling at each fill station. There are two machines here; the semi-automatic, sub-surface, pail filler and the air-operated lid press. The lid press is also moved around to other filling stations by fork truck. The gravity roller conveyors and the scale cover are stainless steel. The frames are epoxy coated for wash down after filling corrosive chemicals. This filler handles three pails per minute.