With decades of design and manufacturing experience, we’ve developed a full line of drum, pail and tote filling machines, for 5 to 550 gallon containers, that handle; fertilizers, insect control chemicals, weed control chemicals, animal repellents, pet care liquids, water treatment, and waste management chemicals, among other agricultural products. Many of the filling applications have unique components like; Kynar, PVC, titanium, heat jacketed, and sanitary filling lances, that handle flammable, toxic, corrosive and foaming liquids. In addition to automatic and semi-automatic fillers, we also build all the necessary conveyors, controls, programming, and wiring, all tested in our plant.

Automatic Quad Filler


This is an automatic filling operation using a semi-automatic quad filler. The customer is filling a highly viscous liquid into four 55 gallon steel and fiber drums, sequentially. Since the drums are open-mouth type, no operator is needed to align bung openings to lances. The quad filler is ideally suited for slow filling operations and highly viscous liquid filling applications. When filling tight-head drums, once the bung openings are aligned under the lances, a button is pushed on the operator handle. The rest is automatic. After each drum is filled, the next lance in sequence begins a new filling cycle after signaling the tare weight to zero. This type of filling machine allows the operator to perform other functions while four drums fill continuously.

Automatic TOTE Filler


This application is for filling liquid pesticides into plastic totes. The machine is a model DF-5540 drum and tote filler, programmed for automatic filling of totes only. The tote, or IBC, is automatically conveyed into the filling station and stops when a photo eye is contacted, which aligns the opening under the filler lance. A signal is then given to insert the lance to the bottom of the tote, tare the container weight to zero and start the filling cycle. The product level is tracked as the container is filled by liquid weight input. As the lance rises, it remains slightly below the surface of the liquid, to control foaming. When completed, the lance retracts and signals the scale surface conveyor to start-up and discharge the load, allowing a new load to enter the filling station. The operator replaces the cap and does other functions while the totes are being filled.

Dual- Lance Drum Filling System


Agricultural chemicals are filled into 55 gallon drums with this batch filling application. It is a top-fill, semi-automatic drum filler. The machine has two filling lances, each devoted to a product so as to prevent any contamination. One fill lance and the twin ball valves with it are made of Kynar to resist corrosive chemicals. The second lance is made from a standard 316 stainless steel and has two stainless ball valves. The machine is designed to insert the lance about two inches into each drum, since there are no foaming issues. The container will be filled with one liquid only. When an empty drum is conveyed into the fill station, the operator aligns the bung opening of the drum under the lance he chooses, based on the product. This machine fills a 55 gallon drum with water in 48 seconds at 110 gpm and 30 psi air.



This application will fill food control chemicals into 55 gallon drums, but also has the ability to fill larger containers, up to 550 gallon, or 72″ tall. It is a straight line, seven zone, palletized drum and tote filling system, the most popular filler and straight line concept on the market. The infeed line is a 15’ long gravity conveyor with an air operated escapement to hold three pallets. One pallet is on the 5’ long filling station conveyor. One pallet will be on the 5’ long, bung and capping station after the filler, and two full loads will be on the 10’ long discharge conveyor. The customer purchased several extra lances, a standard and a sanitary lance, for a special product run.

Mobile Pail FILLER


This application is for filling a rare fragrance additive into 5 gallon pails. It is a mobile filler, moved around the plant floor for batch operations, ruggedly built with casters and foot locks. We created a line of mobile pail fillers for companies that could not justify the cost of multiple pail fillers. Lances are interchangeable to accommodate various liquids and to prevent contamination. A lawnmower type bar is welded to the back side for the operator to apply 20lbs of inertia to move this filler. This top-fill machine has an air cylinder to raise and lower the lance and two pneumatic ball valves to prevent product hammering in the line. The scale and weight meter are both NTEP approved. A power cord is provided for 120 volt plug-in stations.

Palletized Drum & Tote Filler


The customer will fill corrosive and mildly toxic liquid with this batch filling application. This is a standard, model DF-5540, straight line, seven zone, tote, or IBC and drum filling system, a very popular drum filling system. The filling machine is designed to fill 5 to 550 gallon containers, or 20″ to 72″ tall containers. In this application, a pallet is used under the tote, because, even though the tote is built to be conveyable on rollers, the dents and distortions on the bottom runners requires it to be carried on some kind of a pallet. The boom is raised to its highest peak to allow another tote to enter the filling station. The filler operator determines the height of the boom with a momentary contact push button.

Fume Booth Drum Filler


This special application is for filling a non-foaming liquid into 55 gallon drums. The product is toxic, so the fumes are contained and drawn out of a stainless steel booth by an exhauster through a 10” flange located on top of the filling booth. The filling lance is inserted through a hole in the top Lexan plate. An operator with thermal gloves places a bung onto the drum when it is filled. The booth also contains an operator safety shield, pneumatic, interlocking, sliding doors, an XP light inside the booth, and powered conveyors in and out.

Blending, Drum Filling Application

This is a custom-made single drum filling machine for blending organic chemicals into 55 gallon drums. This semi-automatic, top-fill, drum filler has two liquid input lines flowing through a single filling lance. This allows the customer to blend two liquids into one container by opening and closing infeed ball valves that are pre-programmed by the desired filling weight. Alternatively, with a PLC at the control panel, the operator can select either line to continually input liquid, or change the mixture, if necessary.

Low Profile Drum & Tote Filler

This filling machine is used for filling drums and totes with weed control chemicals. A steel ramp was provided on both sides of the platform scale to allow a hand pallet jack to drop off and pick up pallet loads of four drums, or a single 330 gallon tote. This custom-made liquid filler uses a Kynar lance and ball valves, because it is filling plastic containers with corrosive chemicals. The inner mast will raise and lower within the filler’s two welded stanchions by a hydraulic cylinder that carries the boom and lance carriage up to fill IBC’s and down to fill drums. This is designed for a small batch filling operation.