As a Texas based manufacturer since 1969, our reputation for building rugged, long-lasting fillers and conveying systems is well known and respected. Since our fillers are built to last many years, you, the customer, benefits from maximum up-time, improved efficiencies, minimal maintenance, optimal safety, and quicker payback. Whether it’s a liquid filling machine, a drum or pallet conveyor, a pallet dispenser, or a custom built packaging machine, we believe we will have, or we can design, the right solutions for your unique application.



With decades of experience building liquid filling equipment, we’ve developed a line of filling machines that handle includes, stainless steel, Kynar and PVC components. In addition to filling systems, we build fume booths, all-stainless conveyors, and customized equipment for flammable, toxic, corrosive and foaming liquids. Our customers have our filling machines for, insect control, weed control, animal repellent, pet care, water treatment, and waste management chemicals. [more..]



Our manufacturing started in 1969 to serve the chemical industry. Today there are hundreds of liquid filling systems around the world for filling drums, pails and IBC’s with, acids to glycols, solvents to surfactants, and many modifiers, sealers, catalysts and monomers. Most of the filling machines are built for filling flammable, toxic, corrosive, sticky, and foamy, chemicals. [more..]



In 2006, we developed a No-Foam liquid filling system that reduces foam as much as 60%. This means that our filling machines have improved fill rates of high-foam chemicals from 5 minutes to 2 minutes for 55 gallon drums. Our drum filling and IBC filling systems are now handling; alcohols, disinfectants, sanitizers, detergents, chlorines, bleaches, deodorizers, and more..[more..]



We’ve been providing liquid filling equipment to coatings people for decades. In particular, filling machines for the paint, ink and varnish industry, filling water and solvent based coatings. We also provide filling systems to companies filling drums, pails and IBC’s with dyes, toners, thinners, waxes, as well as accelerators, densifiers, inhibitors, and sealers. If it’s flammable, toxic, corrosive, or foaming, we can handle it. [more..]

food ingredients INDUSTRIES

Food & Food Ingredients

Our growing markets include food and food ingredients, because we are competitively priced with all-stainless, food grade liquid filling equipment and related conveyors. Some applications in use include filling machines for vegetable oils, preservatives, sodium products, potassium products, and pest eliminators. There are pail filling systems for handling salad oils, syrups, acids and food grade lubricants as well. [more..]

fragrance INDUSTRIES

Flavors & Fragrances

Our high quality liquid filling machines are in demand because customers insist on rugged and reliable equipment. No one running expensive products can afford downtime from a filling machine. We are now filling food flavoring, scented oils, air fresheners, odor eliminators, artificial flavoring, plus several special filling machines for esters, amines and lactones. [more..]



We have years of experience building liquid filling machines for a variety of mineral oils and synthetic lubricants. Some of the many drum, pail and IBC filling systems include machines for greases, automotive oils, cutting fluids, and a number of sealants, silicones, and fluorocarbons. [more..]


Sealants & Adhesives

We’ve been providing liquid filling equipment to the sealant and adhesive industry since the 90’s. In particular, filling machines for the hot melt, waterborne and cyanoacrylates industry, filling organic and inorganic compounds like; acrylic, polyurethane, silicone, butyl, epoxy and hardeners. We also provide fillers to companies filling drums, pails and IBC’s with thinners and foam bonders. If it’s viscous, flammable, toxic, corrosive, or foaming, we can handle it. [more..]

manufacturing INDUSTRIES


Before building liquid filling equipment, we built custom conveyors and machines for the metalworking and oil tool industries. Since 1969, we’ve been building roller and chain conveyors, transfer cars, turntables, pallet dispensers, and custom conveyors to handle drums, pallets, totes, bins and bags, from 100 to 10,000lbs.



Since 1975, the rubber industry has been buying our one of a kind conveyor equipment and machines to handle rubber bales, elastomers and latex products, because we custom build for them. Whether you’re handling bales, latex in drums, conveying pallets, or need special robot positioning devices, our reputation for high quality and custom-made equipment is well known.